Ghostbusters Żmirłacza: Accelerating for Windows 10


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Żmirłacza Ghostbusters 2: Acceleration is the story of Jack Blair, a world famous racing driver who decides to interrupt your career and go in search of Żmirłacza. Be a companion to Jack in his travels between parallel worlds and attempts to capture Żmirłacza. Solve dozens of unusual puzzles, explore worlds full of intricate detail, keep your eyes open to find hundreds of cleverly hidden objects! Play 'Ghostbusters Żmirłacza 2: Acceleration' takes you on an adventure full of mini-games, exciting animation, surprises after activating kliknięciu.Język: polskiGłówne Game Features: · Six chapters · 31 · 21 location mini-games · Unlimited hints and tips · Practical samouczekWymagania minimum: Processor: 1 GHzPamięć RAM: 512 MBKarta Graphics: No danychWolne disk space: no danychKarta Sound: not available